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Redshift 11 Watch Face

0.99 usd

Red Bred Inc plans to go the distance to change the way we tell time. Each watch face is designed with the intent of being different and completely unique. Red Bred's goal is to create watch faces that will help make Android Wear watches known for being new and innovative. Redshift 11 is one of many Red Bred watch faces designed through to turn faces.Supports any android wear device running Android 5.0+ and smart phones running Android 4.1 or higher. Please contact if you have issues with the watch face or bugs to report.
The Redshift 11 watch face is best viewed under screen brightness setting 2-3 or Auto. This watch face only functions on devices running Android Wear.
The watch face supports customization through colors. There are over 9000 color combinations to choose from when sporting this watch face.
Rating and reviewing the watch face is appreciated and will be taken seriously. Updates will be made in a timely manner to offer more of what users want to see and wear on their watch.
Pictures of watch faces can be submitted to or submitted for sharing or re-posting via any social media channel using @redbredinc.
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